About Us

At Eeva, We implement the philosophy of 'Applying Thought', thereby helping clients to acquire their "Valuable IP Right". Our approach in researching the IP and Non-IP data directly impacts customer benefits by improving time-to-market, enhancing predictability and reliability with cost effective benefits

We deliver winning business outcomes through our resources rich industry experience and by their 360 degree view of "Business through Innovation" - helping clients create successful and adaptive businesses.


Why Eeva..!
  • 6000+ Patent cases handled for our Indian & US clients
  • 3000+ Trademark cases handled for Indian clients
  • Supporting 2000+ Individuals/Inventors in India
  • 1000+ Worldwide corporate clients
  • 500+  Copyright applications filed in India


  • Proven Expertise, Flexible model, dedicated management
  • Resources integrating Patent Law and Technology profiles


  • Backed by resources having over 12+ years of excellence in Patent Services and Illustrations
  • Flexible model, Open to multiple operating modules, Focused team
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