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Eeva is a dedicated service company specialized in Patent Search, Drafting, Illustrations and Services through its focused research throughout worldwide patent and non-patent literature information.

We have strong team with domain expertise and are dedicated to help clients grow through our value added services. Our highly qualified professionals offer customized, value-added and cost-effective patent services to our clients. We build long term relationship with our clients by consistently delivering high quality services with real commitment.

Our clients include national and international corporations, world leading research institutes and universities, entrepreneurial companies, and independent inventors. Igniting the thoughts through our search method to our technology to our reporting, we aim to deliver significant results using Eeva's IP services and business solutions.

We offer a wide range of search and analytic services in Intellectual Property (IP)/Patent Research, Patent Search, Literature Search and Non-Patent Search backed by experienced and qualified professionals expertise in IP information and research, armed with access to an array of databases - free as well as commercial. The breadth of technology includes various areas of Engineering viz., Electronics, Electrical, Communications, Software, Biomedical, Mechanical; Chemistry; Biotechnology; Biomedical devices; Food technology; Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals.

Our Patent Search Services include:

Prior Art Searches

(For Outsourced works, starting from USD 199.00)

You provide us with an abbreviated invention disclosure 200-250 words. We conduct a keyword based search and give a search report within 3 days containing with up to 5 references from the prior art.

Novelty Searches

(For Outsourced works, starting from USD 249.00)

You provide us with a complete invention disclosure and drawings of the important features that appear hidden from the original references. We conduct an extensive search and deliver a report with 10-20 A-List references and a detailed search strategy focused on the features listed in the disclosure.

Infringement Searches

(For Outsourced works, starting from USD 349.00)

We conduct an infringement search of enforceable US patents and published applications.  In this search, we focus on the list of features in the product and how these compare to the claims of the references.  We search each feature independently.

Validity/Invalidity Searches

(For Outsourced works, starting from USD349.00)

Our invalidity/validity searching can give you not only the references that matter but the key data and analysis that can make all the difference in a re-exam. Search includes current and expired US, EP and WIPO Patents and published applications. We list secondary references showing at least one of the limitations of the independent claim.

Freedom to Operate Searches

(For Outsourced works, starting from USD 499.00)

We do the FTO search in 3 steps. First we do a Novelty Search, which includes current patents and published applications of US, WIPO, EP, and JPO. In the second step we do an Infringement Search focusing on claims followed by Assignment and Inventor Search.

Other Search Services(Get a Quote)

Right to Use Search
Technology Watch
Patent Watch

How we do the search?

The search process involves:

  • A search of current and expired US, EP and WIPO Patents and published applications.
  • Basic and Complex searches include full subclass searching on the top 5 sub classes.
  • A typical Prior Art/Novelty Search will involve viewing text and figures of 2000 - 4000 references

The search reports include:

  • Top level A-List with references closest to the invention
  • Secondary level B-List with references that may have one feature in common with the invention
  • Search strategy detailing keywords, features and subclasses searched

Our knowledge repository of proprietary modeling tools and indigenously developed valuation models puts us in the right spot to offer patent related research to our clients. The flexibility of our models to accommodate specific client assumptions provides the desired balance between structure and customization.

Our Competitive Intelligence / Patent Market Research offerings include:

  • Citation Analytics
  • Legal Status
  • Business Opportunity Assessment
  • Market Research Report
  • IP Asset Management
  • IP assets in Merger and Acquisition

Patent Drafting

We follow a comprehensive approach to encompass all aspects of the invention, including current and future designs and applications, ensuring complete protection. Our team of Patent Lawyers, Engineers and Scientists assist the clients for complete patent specification drafting and claim drafting for inventions from various technical fields. The patent specifications drafted, conform to the standards and requirements of the jurisdiction (US, EP, WO, India) where the client plans to file the application.

Application Filling in India

Provisional applications

To get the earliest possible priority date on your invention, you can file a provisional application. As a general rule, the priority date for your invention is the date on which you first filed a patent application that described your invention in detail.

A provisional application doesn't give you patent protection on its own (there are no 'provisional patents'), but it's useful in establishing an early priority date if you operate in a highly competitive industry where constant innovation requires you to get the jump on competitors.

A provisional application also gives you time to determine whether your invention is worthy of further time, money and effort associated with filing a complete application for a patent. It is also less expensive to file a provisional application than a standard complete application.

Ordinary Patent Application (Complete Specification)

Every specification, whether provisional or complete, shall describe the invention and shall begin with a title sufficiently indicating the subject matter to which the invention relates. Every specification shall fully and completely describe the invention and its operation or use and the method by which it is to be performed. Every specification, whether provisional or complete, shall be made in Form 2.

Application for Patent of Addition

When the applicant is of the view that he has come across an invention which is a slight modification of the invention for which he has already applied for/or has patent, the applicant can move for a patent for addition. The condition for application of patent of addition is that the new application should not involve any inventive step.

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