IP is regarded as an important and effective policy instrument relevant to a wide range of socioeconomic and technological concerns. The development of skills and competency to manage IPR and leverage its influence requires increasing focus. There is a need for developing skills in filing, reading and exploiting patents which will be crucial in the years to come.

Our graduates emerging from the engineering and technology streams lack any training in IPR even though they are strategic assets in the battle being fought in the knowledge market. Capacity building for IPR protection needs priority. IPRs must be made a compulsory subject in college law courses and in the Universities.

Classroom training on Intellectual Property Rights (Advanced Level)

Eeva Patent Services (a patent services wing of Eeva IP & IT Services Pvt Ltd) is providing professional training in Intellectual Property Rights for candidates to build their career in IP fraternity.

On completion of the course they are offered a paid internship based on their performance during their course. They can also appear for Patent Agents Examination, conducted by Ministry of Commerce and Industry (Govt. of India) through Patent Offices and can obtain qualifications necessary to practice as a Patent Agent/Patent Attorney under the Patent Act and Rules.

Eeva Patent Services founded by Mr. Srinivas Maddipati, a leading IP Law Consultant has more than 12 years standing in his profession. Mr. Srinivas is an Expert in Indian, European Union and US Patent Laws. Several International Patent applications filed by him as per Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) were published by International Bureau of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Geneva, Switzerland. Being the Director of Eeva IP & IT Services Pvt Ltd, there are number of Patent Analysts and Attorneys trained by Mr. Srinivas to practice in IPR.

Career Prospects and Placement Services

Eeva shall provide 100% Placement assistance to those who successfully clears the Patent Agent Examination Conducted by the Controller of Patents. Patent Agents will have ample number of job opportunities in Intellectual Property Law Firms, as well as Private/Public Corporations. They can choose channels like in-house Advisors for different organizations or start their own Consultancy Services.

ELIGIBILITY: - Degree in Science, Engineering or Technology.
TRAINING MODE: - Class Room Training
Study materials:
Study materials shall cover the syllabus.
80 hours Class Room Training 2 hours a day
CLASS ROOM TRAINING - (5 Days x 2 hours x 8 Weeks = 80)

Ministry of Commerce and Industry (Govt. of India) will conduct Examination through Patent Offices at New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai as per new schedule Examination. We shall forward the new schedule immediately after notification to all our candidates.


The qualifying examination shall consist of the following papers and marks, namely: -

Paper I – Patent Act and Rules          


Paper II- Drafting and interpretation of Patent specification and other documents


Viva Voce


Total marks


The qualifying marks for each written paper and for the viva voce examination shall be fifty per cent each, of total marks and a candidate shall be declared to have passed the examination only if he obtains an aggregate of sixty per cent of total marks.


Fee should be paid by cash or check in favor of Eeva IP & IT Services Pvt Ltd, payable at Hyderabad.

Terms & Conditions

Fee once paid is not refundable under any circumstances.

The candidates are to apply directly to the Controller of Patents, paying the prescribed fee for the registration to appear for the Patent Agent Examination.

The training course will comprise the following: -

  • Introduction to Intellectual Property rights.
  • It covers all aspects of intellectual property rights i.e. Patents, Trademarks, Geographical Indications, Industrial Designs and Copyright.
  • The Patent Act and Rules.
  • It covers explanation and understanding of The Patents Act, 1970 with special emphasis on Paper I of the Patent Agent Examination.
  • Patent Specification Drafting and other documents preparation& Interpretation.
  • It covers all the practical and technical aspects of drafting of a Patent Specification and other documents with special emphasis on Paper II of the Patent Agent Examination.

Eeva Patent Services shall issue a separate certificate: “PARTICIPATION CERTIFICATE - ADVANCED TRAINING IN IPR & PRACTICE


November 15th – February 9th

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