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Research Services

Patent Search and Watch Services

We offer a wide range of search and analytic services in Intellectual Property (IP)/Patent Research, Patent Search, Literature Search and Non-Patent Search backed by experienced and qualified professionals’ expertise in IP information and research, armed with access to an array of databases – free as well as commercial. The breadth of technology includes various areas of Engineering viz., Electronics, Electrical, Communications, Software, Biomedical, Mechanical; Chemistry; Biotechnology; Biomedical devices; Food technology; Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals.

Prior Art Searches

Starting from INR 16,000 (USD 199.00)

You provide us with an abbreviated invention disclosure 200-250 words. We conduct a keyword based search and give a search report within 3 days containing with up to 5 references from the prior art.

Novelty Searches

Starting from INR 20,000 (USD 249.00)

You provide us with a complete invention disclosure and drawings of the important features that appear hidden from the original references. We conduct an extensive search and deliver a report with 10-20 A-List references and a detailed search strategy focused on the features listed in the disclosure.

Infringement Searches

Starting from INR 28,000 (USD 349.00)

We conduct an infringement search of enforceable US patents and published applications. In this search, we focus on the list of features in the product and how these compare to the claims of the references. We search each feature independently.

Validity/Invalidity Searches

Starting from INR 28,000 (USD 349.00)

Our invalidity/validity searching can give you not only the references that matter but the key data and analysis that can make all the difference in a re-exam. Search includes current and expired US, EP and WIPO Patents and published applications. We list secondary references showing at least one of the limitations of the independent claim.

Freedom to Operate Searches

Starting from INR 40,000 (USD 499.00)

We do the FTO search in 3 steps. First, we do a Novelty Search, which includes current patents and published applications of US, WIPO, EP, and JPO. In the second step we do an Infringement Search focusing on claims followed by Assignment and Inventor Search.

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